Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paper crafting again!!

Hi all
Today I finished making a 2011 photo-less calendar for a dear friend of mine who I am meeting for breakfast this week and I snapped pictures to show the project to you.  Unfortunately, my camera was near dead.  Did I leave it turned on sometime?  Anyway, I was not able to get the battery recharged yet so I cannot transfer the pictures over to my computer (hmm...should have pulled out the card and stuck it directly into the computer!!!  I always forget I can do that!!)  Anyway, I will get it all together for you tomorrow (Tuesday)  Whoops!  technically it already is Tuesday.  Later, okay, later.  I have to take my coughing, sneezing, no fever but I need some rest head to bed!  Tomorrow is supposed to be artic-ly cold..ick!!


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