Friday, December 24, 2010


Merry Christmas, all!!
I am just getting ready to head out to church for our Christmas Eve service (we have to leave an hour ahead of time to even think about getting a seat!) and wanted to wish everyone a joyous holiday celebration and peace in your hearts.  Troubled times have lingered for a long time now, yet we are all fortunate in some way.  Whether you enjoy good health, a prosperous job, the love and comfort of friends and family, or simply the knowledge that you are being the very best you you can be under your personal circumstances, we can all be grateful for something.  Take a minute to appreciate that and hug someone dear to you.  Pray others enjoy some special gift as well.

Today I was prepping the dinner table for my Christmas dinner guests and I came across a box of wooden roses from the marching band fundraiser I did last year.  These particular wooden roses are all embossed with the name and date of the event ...once the event was over, they were not sell-able to the audience.  But they are still pretty white wooden roses.  I hate to throw them away, knowing that somewhere there is a group of people who are visiting shut ins or folks in nursing care facilities, or such, who would love receiving a rose for their birthday or holiday.  If you happen to be involved in a local (Perry Hall/Baltimore) service project of this kind and think you could use the roses, please get in touch with me.  The engraving is easily sanded off with a dremel sanding ring or sanding block(I know because I have already done it several times).  It does leave a scuffed area, but they are still lovely flowers.  I am not looking to make any money off of these flowers and want them to go to someone who is also not planning on profiting from them.  Let me know if you are interested.

Merry Christmas!!

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