Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi all
Well here I am again with yet another band story.  Tonight was our marching band "Tail-gator-ing" event.
This is an event that started several years ago when we attended a band competition late in the season in Hershey, PA.  It was a long cold day and we chose to make hot dogs and soup for the kids.  The gal in charge of the soup made Maryland Crab Soup - we were the hit of the event because we had so much delicious soup that we shared it with every shivering band that came by.  It was a great time of friendship - I worked my stampin in that day by sharing "We 'tail-gatored' with the PHHS band" buttons that had a swing away feature and under the swing away it said "Making friends through music".  We haven't done the Hershey event in more recent years but we never let go of our love for the celebration.  We have been doing the event at halloween so we now call it "Halloween-gate".  The son of our "soup" friend graduated last year and the mom bequeathed me her recipe so I took over the cook role.  Tonight I made 5 gallons of Maryland Crab soup outside in a turkey fryer pot.  It was a huge hit, with some kids (and adults) coming back for seconds and thirds.  Funny thing is, although I was born and raised in Maryland, this is the first time I made this soup.  But it won't be the last!!!  Of course, next time I hope the quantity will be smaller!  Now my back and feet are wondering what the heck I did to them.  After I threw together the soup, I left my friend in charge of stirring and I ran into the Band room and directed my helpers to divy out candy to 90 bags I had rolled with two halloween wheels.  More bending over - maybe that is what irritated my back!!  As usual, we started with a limited amount of candy but eventually we had lots more dropped off by the parents.  Each of the kids got to take a mixed bag home with them after we all enjoyed our "Clue" (our show theme this year) cake.  Great event!!  I have scrubbed the huge pot (thanks Tina for sharing it with us) and now I want to flop in bed.  G'night!!
By the way, I will be putting in an order this weekend - if you want to take advantage of the christmas bundles and save a bit on shipping, connect with me by Friday and I'll add your order to mine.
Two new folks have joined my blog followers but I cannot tell who they are so here is a generic welcome!! Thanks for joining us...I hope you will enjoy my projects as well as my ramblings.  Welcome!!

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