Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter class project #2 mini easter basket

Hi all
Today I am sharing with you a mini Easter basket that we made at the Easter class.  This project has a background story.  I belong to several online stamper groups and the other day a lady posted, asking for help.  Her demo had made a little box out of the petal cone die but the lady had trouble with her project -it didn't seem to be turning out correctly.  She posted for help.  I guess it is the OT in me but I wanted to see if I could help her so I die cut two petal cones and set about to try to make it.  I spent some time on it when I should have been prepping for my class so it just made sense to me to use the project in the class too.  After all, I had told one of the ladies there would be a basket of some sort in the class.   Here is the project....Sure hope it was what the lady was trying to make.

I will be posting a tutorial of how I made the box ...but not tonight....Gotta go do my progress reports for school....there are soooo many to do!
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