Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hi all
Hope everyone enjoyed a fun - and safe - St. Patrick's Day.  I am taking a pause in the posting of my  projects from last Sunday's class to show you the St. Patrick's Day treats I made for the staff at my two schools.

In the past, I have used wiggle eyes on my treats, but it was getting costly when added to the cost of the candies (in this case, Andes mint candies) so this time I tried using a swirl from the Holiday Hoopla set.  I used a marker to make the center of each swirl solid so it would look more like an owl's eyes.  I like it.  It actually took way less time than gluing on the goofy eyes....and it was way less messy. 
This blue box has been wonderful for transporting these treats each month - I actually had four layers of treats in there  - with about 32 per layer - so I was able to carry lots of them easily. I filled in the open space in the box with a hand towel - held everything nicely in place.
Come back tomorrow to see some more of the "think spring" cards.
Now is the time to sign up for the Easter class to be held on Sunday, March 27th.  If you have already mentioned to me that you want to come but have not yet paid for the session, please shoot me an email so I can be sure to make sure you are on the sign up list.  Thanks, hons!!

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Carol V said...

cute idea for those eyes