Friday, March 18, 2011

Think Spring!! Project three

Hi all
Today I want to show you a great card/gift.  You know I love all the Sizzix dies and it is a no brainer that I would want to use them enter the petal box die.

 I only needed to cut one of this die because this is not a box, but instead, it is a sealed-shut, folded-flat cone.  We made the flower and then attached it to an extra large paper clip (about 4" long).  The brad in the center of the flower was used to hook the flower to the paper clip.  We added some hot glue to the back to hold the flower in place (I am NOT a fan of glue guns but I have to admit sometimes that is just the way to get a job done.)  I put two slits on the back part of the cone, parallel to the fold of the scalloped flap so that we could weave the legs of the paperclip in and out of the slits, hiding the clip inside the cone. Here is the clip removed from the cone....

Now how cool is that!!!  Thanks to Chiaki Haverstick for the inspiration!!  Notice I ran the body of the cone through the Sizzix with the textured impressions folder - gave it a bit of pizzazz. 

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