Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Think Spring!! Project one

Hi Stampers,
Hope everyone made it past the clock switch without a hitch!!  When I was at school on Monday, the secretary told me that over a dozen children were more than an hour late to school that day because of daylight savings!!!  Wow!!!   I know there are plenty of folks who show up at the wrong time for church on Sunday after the clocks get moved, but to still be out of sync on Monday...that's scary!!
Me?  I did fine... except that by Monday evening I was dragging!  I was busy all weekend with prep for my Sunday stampin session (the ladies were great!)and failed to go to bed "early"  and Mondays are always very hectic for me...I see lots of kids on Mondays!  So basically I napped through most of Monday night.  Tonight I have been busy putting the final touches on the St. Patrick's day treats for the staff at my two schools.  I'm only at the one school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so they need to get their treats tomorrow...the other school will get them on Thursday.  I will be posting a picture of them later this week.  For today, let's take a look at one of the projects from Sunday's class.  For the ladies who were present at the session, you will remember that Emily had to leave us mid-session because her daughter in law had gone into labor.  Well, I don't know all the details, except that her grandson came on Monday by C-section.  Over 9 lbs.  and of course, adorable!!!!  I hear everyone is doing well.  Hope to see more pictures and hear more details soon.

As I recall, this was Kittie's favorite project, of the eight. This picture is a tad distorted as the part that is showing up as gold is really Stickles glitter glue in pale yellow and crystal.  Must be the light that is making it seem like gold.  Anyway, this was inspired by a card done by Tania Gould, I just switched out the stamps and changed the colors a bit.  What attracted me to this card was the way the flowers poke through the frame. Love it.  The primary color is melon mambo.
A couple of reminders, if you plan to come to the box making class this Sunday, I need to hear from you by Thursday night.  When you contact me, please let me know if you have a specific purpose for your box (recipes, card saver, phone/addy file, photo saver, coupons, etc) so that I can be prepared to help you customize your box.  Also if you have a particular color in mind, let me know.  Later this week my son is performing with the steel drum group from his school (his first opportunity to perform publicly on the full drum set - he is not on the steel drums) and so we will be tied up enjoying that special moment with him.  Thus, I will not have as much time to prepare for class, so I need an early commitment from you.
Also, you need to keep in mind that the end of Salebration is very near.   Get your orders in through me or my website before the end of March.   It would be awful if you missed out on your free gift for each $50 you spend from the mini catalog or the big Idea Book and Catalog.
Thanks gals for a great time on Sunday.  Whitney, your stampin speed amazes me.  For a newcomer you are amazing!!  Don't you wish you had started stampin sooner?  Clearly this is your "thing!"
And Patti, aren't you amazed how much we got done for you?  Great day!

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