Sunday, March 20, 2011

Think Spring!! Project five

Hi all
Today I want to share a lovely card inspired by one made by Glenda Calkins

My version is different because I altered the layers somewhat and I made the focal point a bit smaller.  I like all the elements of my cards to be contained within the borders of the card.  When elements hang over the edges, I find they get abused when the card gets put in an envelope to be mailed.  This is a great card to do in stages - running the crumb cake and white layers through the Big Shot, punching the scalloped circles and the plain circles, stamping the greeting which is colored by markers.  Several of the layers are separated by dimensionals.  And for the local folks, the colors are reminiscent of Calvert Hall High School colors!!  Go Cards!

Did you step out to look at the "Big Moon" last night?  One of my coworkers told me about the big moon.  I didn't trust myself to remember to go look so I set the alarm on my phone to remind me.  After chatting with another demo from Carroll County, I wondered if I blocked the alarm so I went out to look.  Well my husband and I looked all around but could not find the moon!!!  So big it disappeared.  We laughed!  Then, as we went back into the house, my alarm went off'!  I went through the house and looked out the back of the house and hollered "I found it!!!"  It was very low in the sky, hiding behind the house next door.  It didn't look so big but it did look bright.  Now today I have to remember to go to Rita's for a free Italian ice in celebration of the first day of Spring!!  This day would be more convincing if they weren't calling for snow flurries on Friday!
Think will feel like it is here soon!


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