Monday, August 31, 2009

082909 Big You, Little Me class

Hi all,
Here is a picture of our little group of stampers. Wow! the kids did a great job on their four projects! These are lovely girls who took direction from the adults well. The girls all said they enjoyed making their projects. They seemed pleased to receive a "hand stamped by" stamp to take home in their canvas Build a Bear totes...with a reminder from me to ALWAYS sign your work! Can't tell you how many folks at convention were trading cards they had not signed. Sheesh!! An artist always signs her work!! Take pride in your work, gals, sign it!!!! This event was a real treat for me, too, and the gals asked that I do another class for kids and their adult buddies (these ladies were their "Aunts"). Soon I will be posting dates for upcoming stampin sessions so check out my website in a few days ( if you are interested in participating in another lady and gal session. By the way, I am not a great photographer, but in this case, I intentionally snapped a shot where no faces showed - thanks, Jeanne, for moving the paper towels to block Jordyn's face perfectly!
nighty night

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