Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An update from SLC!

Hi, Stampers!!
I got my aisle seat!! whooo hooo! and was seated next to a lovely lady (not the grumpy old men I usually get - think falling asleep on my shoulder and drooling!) who chatted with me - made the time fly by for sure. Then to make matters even more swell, I had a really nice stamper lady, Tammy (Hi, Tammy!) next to me and another great stamper gal, Kelly (Hi Kelly!) behind me! Sure made the trip go faster - even though we were late leaving Baltimore and arriving in SLC. Checked in and got my funky bag - think roomie bag!! - my stamps - love them! - and a few other goodies!! Stood in line for a loooong time to go to momento mall and got a hunk (as many as I could fit in my suitcase) of CD tins for a stamp class project - see, I am thinking about you gals! Dinner at Olive Garden was wonderful - yum!
Keep those posts coming to earn a drawing...can't get the comments section to work? email me at home and it will still count and I will add your comment when I get home.
Nighty night


pattic said...

glad you're enjoying yourself!! Love those classes with the CD tins!

jeannievbarron said...

I am glad you got your aisle seat, and stamper too, that's a great!