Saturday, August 8, 2009

Convention Trades #4

Hi all,
This card was made with my friend Terry in mind - she loves butterflies and I know she has this set. so here goes...
Materials list: Flight of the Butterfly(111564, 31.95), Stem Sayings (115078, 20.95), whisper white c/s9 (100730, 7.50/40), colored c/s (really just about any color will work here), ink pad to match the c/s, crushed curry pad (115659, 5.95, p 155), butterfly punch (116629, 15.95, p 186), crushed curry polka dotted ribbon (115614, 9.95, p 155), mini glue dots (103683, 4.95, p 192), sticky strip tape (104294, 6.95, p 192).
To begin, mark a vertical line in dead center of the whisper white c/s (5 3/4 x 2 1/4) and also mark a vertical line one inch from either end. Using the butterfly punch up-side down, punch out three butterflies by pushing the c/s all the way into the punch and lining up the center of the punch with the center line you drew. Then punch the two side butterflies making sure to line up the pencil line with the middle of the butterfly - save both the three butterflies and the piece of c/s you punched them from. (ick! dangling preposition!) Now, trim off (AND SAVE) a narrow piece from the bottom of the butterfly piece - be sure not to cut into the butterfly holes but cut close. The strip that comes off is for stamping the words. Now let me pause here to tell you that this cutting off part (instead of starting with a smaller piece in the first place) is very important because it allows you to push the punch all the way in to get perfect alignment - then you cut off a bit and you save a wee bit of cardstock (as there is none under the ribbon! bam!) but you have enough to add the words. Attach the piece with the words to the bottom of the 3 x 6 colored card front. Then attach the ribbon just above that. Then attach the c/s with the butterfly holes. Then stamp the solid butterfly in crushed curry ink on each butterfly. Using the coordinating ink, stamp the three details stamps - one on each butterfly. Fold the wings upward on either side of the middle of the butterfly body and curl the ends of the wings around a pencil. Use one glue dot in the center of the butterfly body to attach each butterfly onto the card. fold a 5 7/8 x 5 7/8 piece of whisper white cardstock and attach it to the back of the melon mambo cardstock.


pattic said...

love the butterflies...SU has punches for so many things!!

jmniffer said...

What a great card! Thanks for the detailed directions. I can't wait to give my new butterfly punch a try. Safe travels. jmniffer