Monday, August 3, 2009

The Race is on!!!!!! and Convention offer

Hi all
Sorry to be posting so late today ...but the RACE IS ON!!! I am racing against time to get my convention trades finished, my bags packed, and all those important little home details handled before I leave for Salt Lake City. Tomorrow I will huddle over the computer until I get my boarding pass on line ...please, heaven, let me get an "A" ticket!! (nervous flyer -I need an aisle seat!!!).
Tonight I want to detail my special "Convention 09" offer. I will be giving away a free gift each day from Wednesday to Sunday (that's five days!) that I have 10 different folks commenting on my blog (inappropriate comments will not count!). No gift will be awarded on days with less than 10 different folks commenting. Only one of your comments will count each day so there is no advantage to commenting multiple times in one day. However, you are encouraged to come back each day to comment again to increase your opportunity to win. Please encourage your friends to comment also to ensure a gift is awarded each day. Once I return home, I will have a family member draw the winning names and then I will post them to my blog. Of course, if you win, you will need to provide a snail address so I can mail the gift to you. If there are 10 comments each day, I will also give away an additional sixth gift.
I have prepared my blog so that you will see one of my convention trades each day that I am away. As of Sunday, I only had four trades planned but I spent today developing another one so that I would have one for each day. I am also posting directions and a materials list for each project. Hope to hear from you ...don't be afraid to post. If you don't have a google account, you can get one for free. After you comment, you do have to verify yourself by typing in the letters/numbers that are presented. It's easy.
Nighty Night


jeannievbarron said...

It must be very exciting going to Convention! I hope you have a great time and bring back lots to share.

pattic said...

Have a great time Peggy and bring back lots of great, new ideas!! Most importantly, have fun!!