Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finding fun in stressful times

Hi all,
Today I had an opportunity to lunch with some great women who I work with at one of my schools (Hi, gals!!) . We had such a fun gathering, chatting about a hundred different topics and sharing our personal stories, most of which revealed our more vulnerable selves. There was no bragging or name dropping or exaggeration to impress others, just sharing life with other open women who are real - unpretentious, committed, faithful, reliable and funny women. A blessing for sure!! Thanks Karen W, Kathy S, Kathy B, Karyn G. and Jill. It will be a good year in your company. (Jill, we are going to miss you....lucky CJ!)
It is a delight to me that when I attend the Stampin Up! convention each year I find thousands of the the same type of women. I have never (in twelve conventions I have attended!!) ever heard someone brag about how much she has sold or how many recruits she has. It's just not there! If you say you are unsure about a topic, there is always someone there who is willing to suggest a strategy to help. If you complement a demo on her stamped work, she willingly explains how she did it. On my flight back from convention, I chatted with another stamper who was at convention for the first time. She was not overwhlemed by the experience, as many first timers are, as she had been to many conventions with other groups. But the thing she found remarkable was how there was the overwhleming assumption that everyone was a friend to everyone else. Ladies plopped their convention bags down on a chair then walked away to trade cards or treats or pins, knowing that their cameras, travel money and stamps were left behind in their bag. But no one worried that their belongings would not be there when they returned. Since I have been back home, I have seen posts to some of my online groups by ladies thanking whoever it was that found a left behind item and turned it into the info booth. When someone won a prize they hugged the employee who handed it to them as if the gift was from that employee herself. Strangers offered to take pictures of other groups of ladies so no one would be left out. Flat out- the atmosphere of sharing and respect is the true joy of convention...and of Stampin' Up! I wish some of you would consider joining Stampin' Up! with me so that you can enjoy this wonderful, refreshing, rejuvinating experience.
Nighty night


Karyn said...'re a gem! Lunch was great and I agree that the company was fantastic...see...I do read your blog! Karyn

Peggy said...

Silly Karyn! - I never doubted that you look - I am just pitifully hungry for some comments!! Celebrate today is our last free one for a bit!!