Friday, August 14, 2009

teenager birthday

Hi all!!
Tonight my son is at yet another birthday party! This morning he asked me if I would take him to the store get a birthday card!!!!!
Is he nuts????
So I set out to make an acceptable card for a seventeen year old boy. I usually try to go with the instrument the kid plays, as most of these kids having parties are from the marching band. But this is a multi talented kid who plays instruments I do not have and do not think I can fake. So I offered either snowboarding or bike riding. John sneared at each. So then I offered teddy bears (tee hee)...he chose bike riding. (Hey, it's all relative!!!!) I decided I had to tough it up so it would not be rejected!!
Did the biker in Black stazon ink on cork, crumbled the edges and inked them up with really rust ink. The cork had been rolled up in storage for a long time so I stuck it on the card front with sticky strip (hope it stays put!!). Speckeled the background with "Itty Bitty Backgrounds" and chocolate chip ink. Used the distressor tool on the edges. Used the twill tape (even poked my finger trying to fray the ends...think bleeding and bandaids!!) - also stamped on the twill with stazon. Used some old rough looking buttons on the probably cannot tell but the buttons are attached using wire. (is that rough enough?) Didn't want the message to be too gushy so I used "enjoy" and "your day" - had to stamp each word individually because they are together in line on the stamp.
When I showed it to John for approval, he said "awesome...did you burn it?" (referring to the really rust edges) Now that question may seem wierd but you have to know that another kid in the band laminated his band notes by sticking them in a report folder and then BURNED THE EDGES WITH A LIGHTER!!! Lucky for John, his mom has a laminator so no chance we will burn his notes to ashes.
Anyway, I felt successful in my attempt. Another acceptable day as a Mom.
fade out as mom smiles.........
Nighty night

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