Saturday, August 8, 2009

Convention Update Friday

Hi all!!

I am moving a little slowly after a SCRUMPTIOUS dinner at the local SLC Brazillion grill. I "behaved myself" by not having alcohol, potatoes or rolls, but plenty of salad and a sampling of assorted meats! Ok!! Ok!! I did have a dreamsicle cheesecake slice but I only ate the narrow pointed half!! Promise!! I felt justified in having the dessert because it was free!!! - we found coupons at the info booth at convention - and except for the dreessing on the salad and the coating on the pineapple (of which I only had two small bites) there were no carbs in the meal. It was such a treat to chat chat chat with the ladies - Cathy, Linda, Blythe, Sue, Sue Ann, Kathy, and whoops, I'm sorry!! I forgot the last name!! Oh and I almost forgot "flat Kathy" - sooo funny - one gal could not come to convention so she sent a flat version of herself for her friends to carry. We took lots of pictures - mostly of flat Kathy drinking alcohol and hanging out with the dessert tray! SLC has a nifty TRAX (think electric streetcar) that takes you around downtown for free!! Are you noticing how much I love the word "free"!!

Stampin' Up! reminded us today that we need to share the opportunity to participate in all the convention fun by inviting all our stampin buddies to join with us by becoming demonstrators - whether you want to build a big business, to add to your family coffers, or just want to take advantage of the demonstrator discount (or anything in between!!!). I truly would love to join with you in this fun and inspiring work (is it fair to call it work?). Won't you take advantage of the limited time offer of a reduced price on the starter kit? I'd love to chat with you about joining me in this fun enterprise!!! Do you know that you only need $300 in sales PER QUARTER to stay active? Some of you are already spending that much per quarter all by yourself!! You could be earning back 20% or more!

Hold you breath (and pray if you are so inclined!!) Tomorrow my son is going to try to get me an "A" boarding pass on the plane back home. You guys helped me with the Tinkerbell effect to get an A seat on the way out here and I need that help again!!

chat soon!!

Peggy live from Salt Lake City!! whoo hoo!

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pattic said...

Admire your willpower...I wonder if flat Kathy knows Flat Stanley (childrens book character)