Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Party's Over!!

Hi all,
Well, the party is over ...we all flowed out of the Salt Palace convention center just a short time ago - full of new ideas and perspectives, but a little sad that this fun is ended. I am sitting here paging through my notebook trying to prioritize my "to do" list so I can get back in the groove when I get home. Can't wait for yo'al to see my cute Stampin' Up! Build a Bear and to share some if the many stampin projects I've seen and received. One of the best things about convention is that everyone has a different approach to their businesses and most folks are more than willing to share what they do to be efficient and creative. I loved the many conversations with "strangers" who are now among my new friends. I am thrilled to say that my family was able to "get" my boarding assignment and the number is only one digit higher than I had on the way out - whoo hoo -so I am optimistic that I will get an aisle seat on the way home. whoo hoo! thanks for storming the heavens to help me in that task!! Looking forward to seeing and/or talking to you soon. I have been thinking about my offer of blog candy and will be tweaking the plan since I did not get the target number of posts each day. Sweet thanks to those of you who tried to help me in that goal.

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pattic said...

looking forward to your return and seeing what you learned...and Sunday classes resuming where you'll be sharing your new ideas and techniques...